Your tool for better healthcare

PharmPool is an mHealth company that helps patients to manage drug therapies, while reducing the risk of adverse drug reaction. This makes drug therapies safer and increases patient adherence.

Mission Statement


According to the FDA, Adverse Drug Reactions are the 4th leading death cause in the united states. Annually, they cause 100,000 death cases, 2 million serious cases, and economical expenditure of $130 billions. Researches shows that about 50%-70% of them are preventable, if the risk are known and understood in a proper timing.

Mobile Application

PharmPool develops a beautifully designed, user friendly mobile application, that empowers the patients to receive the safest drug therapy. The app is backed with a smart and unique algorithm that understands if a particular drug therapy suits the clinical background of a specific patient. It is doing so by integrating possible drug-drug interaction alerts, drug disease alerts and drug-vitals alerts. The app also includes features to increase drug adherence, and personal drug management options.

Our Team

CEO & Founder
Drug Safety Specialist

Experienced pharmacist, with professional background in the pharmaceutical Industry, hospital pharmacy, and community pharmacy.

Served as Qualified Person for Pharmacovigilance, working both with Israeli and multi- national companies. An enthusiastic e-health developer in the area of drug safety and clinical decision support system.

VP R&D and Co-founder
Software Development

Over 30 years of experience in software development (as a developer, architect and development manager).

Managed the development of a major enterprise product deployed at 13 US Federal agencies (including the US Ministry of Health and the FDA). Served in one of the IDF top tech intelligence units. Holds MBA, M.Sc. (computer sciences) and B.Sc. (Math and Physics) from the Hebrew University.

CTO & Co-founder
Software Development

Ariel is a passionate mobile entrepreneur, ex-8200 officer, bringing two decades of technology leadership experience.

Most recently Ariel was the CTO at Zula, a comprehensive mobile solution for team communications. Prior to Zula, he built teams, led software R&D and deployed mobile products: EVP Engineering at Vringo; founding CEO of TieGo; VP & GM EarthLink's mobile development group; VP Global R&D at OmniSky. Earlier he was the founding VP R&D at location- based start-up NomadIQ, acquired by OmniSky. Ariel holds a B.Sc. in Computer Engineering and M.Sc. in Computer Science, both from the Technion.

Full-Stack Web Developer

Alon is 22 years old, honourably discharged as a combat and a tech soldier from an elite combat unit which is a part of a highly classified intelligence unit.

Alon’s engagement in software and web development during his army service for 3 years, which involves participation in projects and development of high tech devices and platforms, brings the skills needed to overcome the technological challenges of this project. Alon has experience in computerised music, animation and design and brings a creative aspect to the UI/UX of the project.


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